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General Questions

What is Preston Education?


Preston Education is an online marketplace where tutors and students can connect. Students have access to a large, database of tutors filtered by subject and college: Tutors are able to create a custom profile, set their own rates and policies, and browse for nearby jobs? After each session tutors are reviewed by Preston Education students, creating an online marketplace built on trust and driven by honest feedback.

We handle all the behind the scenes stuff so that you can focus on teaching.

Student/Parent Questions

Who uses Preston Education?

Preston Education is available to middle school, high school; students, college students, and adult learners.

How much does each session cost? 

I charge $40 per hour . Students are encouraged to attend 2 sessions per week. 

I just booked a session where do I meet my tutor?

Preston Education tutors meet with students online! A link with instructions will be sent to you upon completion of payment

How do you control the quality of tutors? Preston Education is available to middle school, high school; students, college students, and adult learners. Each Preston Education tutor is screened with a background check. Each tutor must have a minimum of 2 years of old college completed. After each tutoring session, our students review our tutor's teaching skills, helpfulness, and accuracy.

How many sessions should I book at a time?

K-12 students attend school five days a week, so they have evolving needs for homework, tests, and other assignments. Preston Education believes that a clear schedule of 2-3 days per week is optimal for supporting students so that they can keep up with the latest lessons, study for their tests, review test scores, and work on assignments. 



What qualifications do I need to tutor with Preston Education?

All tutors must be at least 18 years old and currently, reside within the United States. You must either be attending (72 credits or more) or have graduated from a well-known University.  Certified teachers preferred and welcome

Do I require a background check?

Yes! Our student's safety is our top priority. All tutors are required to pay for a background check in order to be featured on the site

How will I be paid?

All tutors are paid via direct deposit, straight to your bank account.

Do I have to pay any commission fees to Preston Education?

No!! That's right! Unlike other tutoring websites, we at Preston Education do not take a commission from our tutors.  Preston Education charges a simple 20% service fee to students (tutees). As an example, if a tutor's rate is $10 per hour, the student (tutee) pays $12 and $10 is transferred to the tutor. For its 20% service fee.

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